Ashley Madison User's Email Domains

Looking through the Ashley Madison email dataset, I noticed a surprising number of users registered with employee email addresses. Here’s a list of the top 20 Fortune 50 companies ordered by number of employee emails registered on Ashley Madison.

Company Email Domain # Of Emails
General Motors 361
IBM 251
General Electric 217
Hewlett Packard 193
Ford 179
Wells Fargo 171
Proctor and Gamble 152
Boeing 117
UPS 74
Bank of America 72
Citi Bank 60
PepsiCo 59
DOW 59
Walmart 52
Metlife 43
State Farm 37
AIG 26
Archer Daniels Midland 19
Kroger 14
CVS 12

The overwhelming majority of users did not register with their employee email addresses. The overall distribution of email address domains is shown in the pie chart below:

Here’s the script used to sift through the dump:

Written on September 3, 2015